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Prescription drugs: good or bad?

There are times in our lives when we need a quick patch or remedy for a few days. Most of us take prescription medicines. If everything goes well, the medicine works for you as it is supposed to. But there is no "magic bullet", or medication that works the same for everyone without any risks or side effects. A side effect is basically an unexpected occurrence that results from taking a medication. The most common cause of side effects is the simple fact that prescription medications are highly concentrated and ordinarily do not exist in nature, so they are hard on the liver. Once your liver is chronically stressed by using a medication daily, any other tension you put on it, such as exposure to toxins, can weaken your health. As we get older, the liver works less efficient, so prescription drugs affect aging. Surely, aging can cause all those effects, but prescription drugs can advance and quicken the process. Once you start mixing medications the side effects magnify. When some medications interact, they might become dangerous, ineffective or lead to possible problems to your health. At times, drug-to-drug interactions may trigger side effects, which might range from mild to fatal. Prescription medicines might interact with each other and with non-prescription medicines. Some kinds of food might also slow down drug absorption, increase or decrease its effectiveness, or lead to unexpected side effects. Alcoholic beverages and caffeine might also impact on how drugs work. For example, combining alcoholic beverages with beta blockers, a kind of medicine prescribed to treat hypertension and coronary problems, may decrease your blood pressure excessively. Alcoholic drinks might raise sleepiness and make it dangerous to drive or operate machinery if used with certain drugs. So, before you start taking a medication, consult your medical practitioner about possible side effects and drug-to-drug interactions. If there is a natural remedy for the medical condition you are suffering from, choose the safest oral therapy.
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