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Main Features of Social Bookmarking & Blog Commenting

Social web is very popular nowadays. The generally widespread Internet services of the social web are social bookmarking and blog commenting. In this article we will have a closer look at them. Social bookmarking is a means of saving and storing on-line information or websites for further reference. Social bookmarking occurs when users e-mail each other their bookmarked websites via social bookmarking communities. Not only can you save your links to favourite websites and email them to your friends, but you can also look through what other users consider gripping enough to tag. Most social bookmarking websites let you look through topics that are either the most widespread, or recently added, or belonging to a certain category. You can even read through what users have bookmarked by typing in a search tool the topic you are keen on. Actually, social bookmarking websites are deployed as smart search tools. Social bookmarking tools are designed to optimize the search on the Internet. You do not have to look through thousands of results to find what you are interested in. Nowadays, you can just go to a social bookmarking website, pick out a category or tag and find the most popular sites. Since many social bookmarking sites display lately added lists and popular links, you can both be informed and find necessary information. For instance, if you are interested in global warming, you can look for global warming on one of these sites and find two articles: the one with a hundred of votes and the other with several votes. You will probably pick out the one with a hundred of votes. And this technique is much easier than typing "global warming" into a search tool and reading though pages of links that may be useless. Thus, the software initially deployed to email bookmarks to friends has gradually grown into a social search tool. Blog commenting is also growing popular with Web users now. Blog comments differ a blog from a regular website. It is the very social aspect which makes blogs such an efficient constituent of the social web. It is the optimum means to express your viewpoint on the blog post you have read, add something that was not mentioned in the post and discuss the post with other readers. By sharing your thoughts, you receive backlinks and traffic to your site because you provide your name and URL. Furthermore, you can become noted among other bloggers, with your blog increasing in popularity. It is significant to create engrossing comments expressing your standpoint on the topic and sharing information on it. Short uninformative comments are regarded as spam and, therefore, deleted. Make comments noticeable among thousands of others. Seo Dev Group is a company producing software for the social web. Should you require detailed information of the subject-matter, please visit the company's website.
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