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Everything about air conditioning

In hot weather conditions it is hard to focus on work and live. So, air conditioners have become a basic necessity there rather than luxury. It was developed by Stuart Cramer, but the term was coined by W. Carrier. The scientific breakthrough helps people a number of ways. For example, after the installation of an air cooler to a Houston theatre, the number of theatre-goers gradually went up. The air conditioner decreases the level of air humidity and maintains its quality. There are ACs which dry the air without cooling it. The air conditioning system is commonly composed of a condenser, an evaporator and a compressor. It also uses a chemical substance to convert gas into liquid and vice versa. There exist two types of air conditioners: a split and a package system. In the split system, the condenser and the compressor are set outside the room and the evaporator is installed inside the room. The evaporator is specially designed for circulating the air around the room. In the package system, all constituents are placed outside the room. There are small-sized, mid-sized and large air conditioning systems. The most usually bought air conditioning is the window air conditioner which is placed on a window and used for cooling a particular room. If you need to cool more than one room, then you should select a split or a mini-split AC, depending on how many rooms you wish to cool. The most widely used ones are portable air conditioners which you can move around. For cooling the entire house pick out central air conditioning systems. Portable air conditioners are beneficial, since you can install them in whichever room you need. It is a transportable appliance on wheels so that you can easily move it from one room to another. The only downside of the air cooler is monthly electricity bills that can affect one's budget. However, there are several valuable tips that help you decrease the amount of consumed electricity and, consequently, bills: • Do not install the AC the sun's direct rays. This makes the air conditioner use more power for cooling a room. • Do not deploy a big air conditioner in a small room. • When the air conditioning is on, close doors and windows. By using the air conditioner rationally, you can considerably reduce your expenses.
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