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Doxycycline And Other Antibiotics In Our Life

The term “antibiotic medical product” is known almost to all of us. When we've got a bacterial infection we take antibiotic drugs to cure the illness. So do you know what antibiotic products represent? They are chemicals obtained from germs and used to kill bacteria or to slow their propagation. The first antibiotic medicine, Penicillin, in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, and its creation commemorated a new stage in the history of medicine. Apart from penicillin-based antibiotic drugs there is a list of other antibiotic drugs produced by various species of bacteria. All the antibiotic products are different in action and are used for various purposes. That's why you should never try to choose an antibiotic by yourself. It is physicians' prerogative, do not interfere in their business. You should also keep in mind that antibiotic medications are efficient only against bacterial infections, but not virus ones. Antibiotics are very strong medical products so they should be used only in compliance with the doctor's prescription. If a certain antibiotic medical product was prescribed to your relative or friend and helped him or her it doesn't mean that it will be efficient for you. It is very possible that it'll not bring positive results, it may even harm. Antibiotic medications have quite serious side-effects, that is why you should follow the recommendations of your physician concerning the type of antibiotic medications and the duration of their application. Although it's difficult to overestimate the value of antibiotic drugs in the modern medicine you should take into consideration that they are still drugs and have some side-effects. Be ready to face such problems as vomiting and diarrhea. Do not forget to tell your doctor about allergies you have or used to have because some antibiotic medicines may cause allergic reaction like face swelling, skin rash or itching. If the use of the antibiotic drug evokes strange reaction, stop its application and consult your physician asap. Take care of your health as your future depends on it. Stay in good health!
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