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The article is dedicated to the matters of Influenza variants and the means to cure it. Influenza, commonly known as "the flu," is a highly contagious virus of the airway. Practically everybody has already faced this illness. So, if you would like to discover how to cope with it, then find time to read here. Influenza virus is generally represented in three models - "A"-Influenza, "B"-Influenza and "C"-Influenza. As a result of the serious after-effects of the type "A" Influenza as epidemics and pandemics this model of the flu is justly considered to be the most dangerous. The sequels of Influenza can be very grave, it may even result in lethal termination. The pattern "A" Influenza is for its part divided in some sub-types depending on the surface proteins. The surface proteins are represented by the Hem agglutinin and Neuramidase that are indicated as "H" and "N" correspondingly. Scientists have revealed sixteen variants of Hem agglutinin and nine variants of Neuramidase. In that way, numbers are used to define the variation of Influenza sub-type. For instance, the indication H1N1 refers to the versions no.1 of "H" and "N" surface proteins. In such a way, now you can picture the quantity of different infections of "A"-Influenza - it equals to the quantity of H and N variants. Though "A" Influenza viruses are considered the most severe, not all of these variants affect human health. The majority of them have an influence on only some representatives of fauna. Still, there are some viral infections that can extend to human beings. These types are the following: H1N1, H1N2 and H1N3. The H1N1 infection has caused illnesses both among animals and birds and among human beings that's why it is reputed to be the most severe. It is called the fowl pest and is developed from water ducks through their nasal secretions, saliva and feces. The "B" and "C" Influenza types cause light illness symptoms and that's why they are not regarded as dangerous. The Influenza viruses may change its structure and be transformed in such a way that they are not sensitive to the vaccines, so the researches have to seek new treatment methods. After having clarified the structure of the flu infections it's time to turn to the most efficient ways of the flu cure. Tamiflu represents one of the most popular medicine for healing the Influenza. The action of Tamiflu is purposed to stopping the virus from the very beginning and stimulates the body to produce antibodies to kill the infections. To get the best results you should take Tamiflu in 48 hours after you feel the first symptoms of the flu. It's a must to follow the full course of Tamiflu treatment. From time to time you have a number of symptoms of Influenza but you are not quite sure if it is Influenza or you just caught a cold. In this situation you may take one tablet a day during 7 days as a preventive measure. To intensify the effect of Tamiflu pay attention to take tablets at the same time every day.
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