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Best Anal Lube

It might seem to be an unusual comparison, but lubricants are like money: both these things smooth our life. Lubricants are really magical as they can turn a usual sexual act into heavenly joy with just few drops. Water-based lubricants have been in big demand recently. The lube producing companies had to verify their products by creating fresh themes. Still, some girls choose to pursue the proven quality brand even though it is a costly one. Money doesn't play a significant role when it goes about sexual joy. Not all the women being really aroused can have enough natural fluids. That depends on many factors like age, period peculiarities, dieting etc... Artificial lubrication is irreplaceable in cases if bodily-produced secretion is too sparse or on the contrary too viscous to supply you the best sexual experience, or when a sexual act lasts longer than bodily-produced lubrication can permit. How to select the best lubricant for you? Some sexual geniuses used to apply diverse oils, creams and lotions to improve their sexual act, though all these fashioned products cannot be compared with water-based lubricants. They have some disadvantages like difficult to be removed, attracting dirt and unsuitable for use with latex devices. Creams are normally promptly absorbed without providing plenty of moisturizing and odorous lotions can cause soreness of your intimate body parts. Today there is a big selection of water-based lubricants to help you with your problem. Such a big diversity of this product makes it harder to decide which one is the correct one for you. While purchasing a lubricant you should consider first of all such factor as your skin reaction. Many people feel skin irritations exploring water-based lubes. Some lubricants hold such an allergenic element as nonoxynol-9, other enclose glycerin that also may be the reason of troubles. All the lubricants can be sorted by their heaviness. Some of them provide good speed by sexual act, while others are quite gluey. So if you wish to have quick movements during sex you should take into consideration superslick softening lubricants like Astroglide, Probe, Liquid Silk or ID. Type of sexual activity you prefer is also one of the significant criteria in choosing the right lube. For anal sex you'd better choose viscous rather lubes Maximus, Embrace or For Play. To achieve the best effect you can try the mix of a silicone lubricant with any water-based sort. There is also one tip for you: don't use silicone lubricant with silicone or Gyberskin toys, as it may damage the material. Hopefully those tips will help you to slipslide away.
Author: abrigail777
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