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Alcoholism Problem And Its Cure

Social drinking has become quite popular in the contemporary world. It is sort of a tradition to have some beer or wine during a meal in a number of restaurants and houses. Celebration of special days such as birthdays and other red-letter days is rarely held with no alcoholic beverages. It is also commonplace to meet up with acquaintances or friends for a short drink after work. That is considered to be a way to stay in touch with them. Expensive alcohol drinks are also present at business lunches and negotiations. Although it is not an alcohol abuse, it still provides a foundation for intervention of alcohol in our life. Alcohol addicts do not understand the fact that alcohol causes damage not only to them, but it brings pain to their relatives. The rising number of cases of innocent deaths, suicides, domestic violence is a consequence of deep penetration of alcohol into our lives. You should note that alcohol is a form of drugs, and alcoholic dependence is a form of drug abuse. The withdrawal from this abuse is as difficult as from drugs application. Antabuse (also known as disulfiram) was the first approved medicine used to treat alcoholic addiction. Its action is based on provoking negative reaction in case a person continues drinking when using antabuse. It interferes with the metabolic process of the alcohol transformation and in such a way stimulates hangover symptoms that are ten times greater that usually. A person that drinks when using antabuse faces such disagreeable symptoms as sweating, thirst, chest pain, throbbing headache, hypotension, weakness and so on and so forth. Among more serious symptoms can be respiratory depression, myocardial infarction, unconsciousness and even death. As you can see, antabuse is a very strong medication, that's why it can be given only to a person who knows exactly how it works and is completely serious about quitting drinking. Antabuse contraindicative to people with a history of heart disease, mental disease or an allergy to antabuse. Pregnant women are also prohibited to use antabuse. So it is a wonderful idea to consult a physician prior to starting with alcoholism treatment. Remember that antabuse is effective only in case of long-term use. If a person takes just one tablet, he may simply start drinking in a couple of days again. Wonderful news is that European explorations showed that the longer people take antabuse, the more effective it is, as they develop a habit of not drinking. So your health is in your hands, as is your future.
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